Đề thi IELTS ngày 18.01.2020

Writing Task 1

The diagram / flow chart illustrates the process of producing / manufacturing / making ethanol from corn.
Overall / From an overall perspective, it can be clearly seen that there are 9 major / main steps in the process, starting from the collection of corn and ending with the distribution of final ethanol product to gas stations for public use.
In the first stage of the process, corn is harvested and gathered / accumulated / collected from the fields before being transported to the storing places, ready for the milling process. Following this, the milled / ground corn powder is cooked for 4 hours and during this step, water is added / it is mixed with water. Once the cooking stage has finished, the mixture undergoes the process of fermentation, which takes around 48 hours to complete.
In the next stage of the process, the fermented output is separated into solid by-product and liquid. While the solid by-product ends up serving other purposes later, the liquid continues to experience further processing as it is purified for 5 hours for any impurities to be eliminated and by the end of that step, ethanol is made. In the last stages of the process, ethanol is stored in large tanks and then delivered by fuel trucks to gas stations for the public to consume.

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